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 WEB SERVICES: Search Engine Optimization

We Research says that over 85% of prospective web customers use search engines to find solution and vendors on the net. It is also noteworthy that only the top 30 search engines bring in the major chunk of this traffic. So in the present competitive business scenario it is imperative to have a website that gets listed among the top 20 in major search engines and directories.

With over 500 billion individual documents already on the web, this is easier said than done. So how will you bring prospective customers to the ever-evolving world of search engines and directories?

The challenge ahead

Each of the major search engines/directories uses a unique methodology, algorithm or formula to determine a site's relevance to keyword queries that considers a variety of HTML elements of a Web site. Relevance requirements are also evolving rapidly - dozens of new positioning challenges arise on a weekly basis. Combine all these factors, and you'll know Search Engine Optimization is indeed a complex and dynamic problem to solve.

The omsai taking you to the top level

At, we have mastered the technique of bringing your site to the top listing. Our deep understanding on the functioning of all top level Search Engines coupled with our innovative concept of Omsai is engineered to bring your site to the top listings.

Why omsai?

With our innovative search engine positioning framework we help your Internet business an advantage over your competitor, increasing traffic and therefore, sales. If your website has been up and running, we can implement the search engine services on to your website by closely evaluating it and suggesting corrective measures in order to increase traffic.

Our services also stay as current as possible to reflect the constant and unannounced changes in the methodologies of search engines that could actually lower site rankings drastically. This knowledge is transferred to our clients' sites helping them achieve greater visibility and traffic.

Our services don't end there. We also track user behaviors to ensure that the sites are also generating longer visits, more page impressions and increased sales. Moreover through our Ongoing Maintenance Program we will regularly monitor your results and fine-tune your pages as necessary in order to maintain and improve rankings. We also provide you with regular reports, which show where your site is listed in each of the Search Engines and Directories for particular keywords.


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